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November 2019

    Daylight Slaving Time

    The twice annual ritual of time travel occur tonight in which we step back an hour, regaining the sacrifice we offered to Kronos in March. Here is a short poem on the subject to read if you are up at two A.M. with nothing to read. It is from a book of poem I wrote titled, The Funny Thing About a Poem.

    Marking Time

    Today was longer

    than the day before

    with the hour we borrowed 

    in March when they seemed 

    so ripe and fresh

    only now filled with leaves

    piled beneath bare trees

    waiting for someone

    to sweep them away

    like the hands of a clock

    marking time in passing

    People ask where time goes

    salt from a shaker 

    seasoning the savor of life

    If well-preserved it melds 

    into collections of memories

    hours here and there

    piled high at the feet

    only waiting 

    for one Fall day 

    with an extra hour

    to press them into

    the scrapbook of sorts

    that is where time goes

    when it steps back

    one hour suspended

    waiting for time

    to pass once more

The Last Word

After all is said and done, more is said than done.

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