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April 2019

    Never Say Never

    With the end of April, a time dedicated to poetry, but in this year too full of tragedy, perhaps one last poem with a touch of humor is a helpful way to close out the month.

    Never Say Never 

                And other lines worthy of Yogi Berra

    A chain is only as strong as – its missing link

    All that glitters – is a fool and his money

    A watched pot is – where the heart is

    An ounce of prevention – saves nine

    Cleanliness is – the best medicine

    A friend in need is – a penny saved

    Two wrongs don’t make – a good turn

    Birds of a feather – are two in the bush

    A miss is as good as – kissing your sister

    Leave well enough – where angels fear to tread

    Ignorance is the root of all evil – and money is bliss

    Good things come to those – who help themselves

    Life is short – and the good die young

    Rules were made – to flock together

    The best things in life – must come down

    There’s no fool like – the eye of the beholder

    When the cat’s away – the early bird gets the worm 

    There’s no time like – having your cake and eating it too 

    When the going gets tough – no news is good news

    The grass is always greener – on the road to hell

    Where there’s a will – it might be Shakespeare

    Eat, drink and be merry – is well enough

    Better safe – than never

    Better late – than sorry

    Leave well enough – in one basket 

    A little knowledge – also killed the cat

    Money doesn’t grow – in love and war

    Actions speak louder than – good intentions

    Half a loaf is better than – catching the worm

    The end justifies – the mother of invention

    If it ain’t broke – it’s a bird in the hand

    Out of sight is – a dangerous thing

    Easy come – soon parted

    And great minds – think

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The Last Word

After all is said and done, more is said than done.

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